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Design for Six Sigma

DfSS is a methodology which delivers confidence that new products and processes will perform as intended.
  • The Six Sigma Group’s “D Squared Quo VC” (D2QOVC) DfSS methodology is unique and is borne out of years of experience, including over 10 years working closely with Rolls-Royce aero engine, marine and nuclear sectors.
  • Due to its strong association with the new product/process introduction process, DfSS is more difficult to deploy than Six Sigma as a programme.  ​Also the tools can tend to be more complicated, so expert guidance and assistance is vital.
  • It is therefore imperative that the approach to DfSS to be taken suits the nature of the business concerned and the objectives to be achieved.​.
  • We can provide the expertise to ensure that DfSS is the right tool for the job, and also help you to plan how to deploy it, as well as training, people development and application support.
  • Indeed, we would not undertake a DfSS engagement without such pre-planning!​


If you have a technical query about DFSS, or any of our other Six Sigma Training courses please call Dr.  Phil Rowe on 01926 632888.​​

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