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Ask CEOs about moving their business forward and most of them will tell you how important innovation is and how they want more of it in their organisation.  When businesses want more innovation, what they are actually saying is they want more ideas.  However, just generating more ideas is not enough to drive innovation through an organisation.


At the Six Sigma Group we believe  that real innovation comes from:

  • A strong understanding of your customer insights
        - What is the insight or issue you are going to innovate against?
  • A strong drive for operational excellence and waste removal
        - It is hard to be innovative when fire fighting all the time
  • Create an environment for innovation
        - Choosing the right creativity tools, focus and mindset
  • Embrace diversity to enable creativity
        - Innovation comes from different thinking
  • Learn to recognize and manage good ideas
        - In times of uncertainty, creativity is  killed!

Using the Innovation Continuum, the Six Sigma Group can identify the right methodology and creative thinking tools to have the biggest impact on your business and create a culture that promotes innovations.

  • Customer insight methodology
  • Create a on-going innovation process
  • Idea generation sessions
  • Creative thinking
  • Idea recognition
  • Make innovation part of your continuous improvement programme 

With over 10 years experience in running innovation workshops the Six Sigma Group can energise your organisation for ideas.

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