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New to Six Sigma

This section is intended to provide a basic understanding of Six Sigma and how it can be applied.

We also have a unique toolkit in the tools and techniques section. This toolkit will enable you to identify and apply, via the innovative tool wizard, the appropriate tool for any given business situation.

What is Six Sigma? - A way of working aimed at near perfection in all that an organisation does.

Benefits of Six Sigma - Bottom line cost savings of 5%-20% of turnover per annum and improved quality of product or service to name just two.

Six Sigma Approach - Six Sigma improvement is about taking existing products and processes and improving them. 

Design for Six Sigma - DFSS is the proven methodology that is used for the design of defect free products.

Implementing Six Sigma - We can help your company to implement a complete Six Sigma programme.

What is Lean? - Is a way of doing more with less

Implementing Lean - Achieve world class customer service, improved quality, higher process velocity

Tools & Techniques - Provides a range of tools and techniques to help you capture and map your processes.

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