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What is Lean?

Lean is about minimising or avoiding all forms of waste:

  • Lean is a way of thinking
  • Lean is a way of doing more with less – less human effort, less equipment, less materials, less time and less space
  • Lean aims to come closer and closer to providing customers with what meets their needs
  • At the heart of Lean are flexible, motivated team members continuously solving problems

Lean enterprise is about delivering the right service at minimum cost. This requires companies to focus on:

  • Customer value by understanding and agreeing exactly what your customer needs
  • Understanding all your business processes and how they impact on customer value
  • Smoothing the flow
  • Pulling value through the chain
  • Continuing to attack waste

Lean seeks to:

  • Keep work flowing, synchronised to delivery requirements
  • Achieve error prevention rather than checking
  • Minimise work in progress, queues and delays
  • Work to the beat of customer demand
  • Enable people to work in self managed teams to deliver first class service
  • Achieve active involvement of everyone in the improvement process  
  • Focus on process not function
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