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What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma focusses on the customer and is a way of working aimed at continuous improvement to get to near perfection.  By focussing on reducing variation we eliminate defects and errors that drive customer dissatisfaction.  It embraces the improvement of existing products and processes as well as the design of new products and processes.  It is an engine for sales and market growth, generates a competitive edge and drives cost efficiency. Six Sigma is 'Philosophy of Improvement', a measure, a methodology, a toolset and an aspirational target.

Off Target Spread
On Target Less Spread


Those organisations that fully embrace Six Sigma save not thousands of pounds and dollars but millions, while at the same time improving their quality and delivery performance not ten fold but a hundred fold.

The Six Sigma Group has helped many organisations successfully implement Six Sigma and Design for Six Sigma – training Belts, developing internal capability and coaching people in the application of both ‘soft skills’ and ‘hard tools.

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